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What Clients Are Saying

Although I have been a realtor for 20 years, I chose to put my offer through Sonia when I went to her open house because I knew her as a friend and have worked alongside her in real estate and she has always been an honest and trustworthy person.  As a realtor, I knew and she also told me upfront that she was working as a Seller’s agent to get her client the best possible price for his condo and could not help me with the offer amount.  She was very professional in every way and I am sure both myself and her seller came out winners.  I wasn’t even really seriously searching for a condo and a friend came with me to the open house and he tells others it took me all of 10 minutes to decide I wanted to buy that condo for my new home, but it took me a month to decide on what colors I wanted to paint it.  I would recommend Sonia to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.  She made everything happen and I adore my new home.  Thank you, Sonia - Cindy D. - Ipswich, MA

I just wanted to take the time to share with you that you MADE THIS TRANSACTION!  From the start to the finish.  You are a class act!  You made us so welcome when we first were there to see the house and all the way thru the process  I told my buyers that we could not have gotten this house if it wasn’t for you!  I told them you are such a joy to work with.  I have been experiencing some terrible really unprofessional agents that just do not do things in writing etc..  and just do not know, but you are on top of your game.

If you are ever in my area please call me and I hope we do another deal together!!

Thank you once again for your professionalism

Best Always,   Julie, Lynnfield, MA


Sonia Johnson is exceptional in every way! She was always available, had excellent customer service, and had incredible attention to detail. She helped me in every conceivable way, felt like a good friend rather than a real estate agent. - Pam Q - Germany

Sonia always provides fair and honest work ethics. - Elaine G - Wilmington, NC

Re: Sonia Johnson.  I cannot imagine my tenant selection process without Sonia.  She has the utmost respect for my needs and my old house. - Patricia R - Ipswich, MA