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"When Kim and I first contacted Sonia, she came highly recommended.  At the time, we did not think we were ready to make a move to a bigger house, and were only half-heartedly considering it, leaning towards adding on.  Sonia came over and immediately boosted our confidence, as she pointed out all of the pros – rather than the cons for our current house and why she felt we would be successful selling in the current market.  We still felt we were not prepared at the time and decided to stick it out a little longer.  

We signed up for Sonia’s daily email listings and a few houses of interest came along.  Sonia took us to 3 or 4 showings and we hit up a few open houses but none of them fit the bill.  Sonia remained patient, positive and made a real effort to understand exactly what we were looking for and why (staying in Ipswich being the number one key requirement).  Flash forward a few months and lo-an- behold one Saturday morning I checked my email and there was a single new listing in Ipswich.  The size, surroundings and features caught my eye right away and Sonia had us in for a showing the next day.  Kim and I fell for the house as soon as we drove up and walked inside, and that evening Sonia was writing up an offer and advising us on our strategy.  We had our 2nd counter offer accepted by Tuesday. 

Now came the stressful part; we had 4 weeks to sell our house or lose our new home!  I personally felt our house was not prepared for the market, and that it needed no less and 100 different improvements before it would be fit to sell.  Sonia calmed me down immediately and suggested only two or three very manageable repairs that we finished right away.  She had an open house that weekend, less than a week after our offer was accepted.  It took another few weeks and some nail biting but Sonia ended up finding the perfect buyers, who were looking for a manageable started house to start their family – exactly who we were hoping to sell to.

Throughout all of this, Sonia made us feel that we were her top priority and was always available by phone or text to discuss next steps.  She was available to meet all of the inspectors whenever we needed her, and never once did she not have something done when she said she would or miss an appointment.  Although this was all quite a blur at the time, it turned out to be a perfect move for our family and Sonia’s dedication, professionalism and fun positive outlook is what made the whole thing possible in such a whirlwind timeline.

We would never recommend anyone besides Sonia.  Although she was the only person at Windhill I had the pleasure general, since you obviously place great importance on the quality and professionalism of your sales staff and the positive experience you bring to your customers.

Hooray for Sonia, and many thanks to Windhill for helping to make this happen!"  
Jim & Kim B – Ipswich


Sonia Johnson is exceptional in every way! She was always available, had excellent customer service, and had incredible attention to detail. She helped me in every conceivable way, felt like a good friend rather than a real estate agent. - Pam Q - Germany

Sonia always provides fair and honest work ethics. - Elaine G - Wilmington, NC

Re: Sonia Johnson.  I cannot imagine my tenant selection process without Sonia.  She has the utmost respect for my needs and my old house. - Patricia R - Ipswich, MA